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You're Out Daddy

Chapter 2769
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Chapter 2769 Picking Heavenly Thunder Fruit

“No, don't go.” Cameron shook his head, then pointed to a servant of the Nesser family. “You go and pick a

heavenly thunder fruit.”


That servant of the Nesser family did not dare defy that order. Despite his fear, he still bit the bullet and

approached the heavenly thunder tree slowly.

“What should we do, Mr. Chance? How about the three of us utilize our teleportation ability to pick a few heavenly

thunder fruits ahead of them?” Crixus asked Jared.

“Don't do anything rash first. The heavenly thunder fruit is probably not that easy to pick.”

Jared stopped the Three Bandits from proceeding with their course of action.

No sooner had he finished saying that than the servant of the Nesser family leaped up and headed straight for a

heavenly thunder fruit.


Just as that servant of the Nesser family drew close to the heavenly thunder fruit, a sudden bolt of lightning struck

him hard.

A resounding bang split the air, and his body promptly combusted at the massive lightning strike, leaving no trace

of him behind.

Following that sight, Cameron frowned at once. Surprise also showed on the faces of the others present.

Such terror struck the Three Bandits that they gulped.

If Jared hadn't stopped us, we might have been decimated as well!

“Thunderhawk is really cautious. It seems that it wouldn't be easy to obtain the heavenly thunder fruit,” Cameron

remarked, his brows creased.

“What should we do, Dad?” Chev asked.

“Don't worry. I reckoned that such would be the case, so I came prepared!” As Cameron spoke, he took out a

bronze mirror from his pocket. One side was smooth, while the other was carved with a few ferocious beasts. “This

is the Nesser family's magical item. It's known as Beast Mirror. With it, the lightning will be refracted and won't be

able to inflict any harm.” He handed Beast Mirror to a servant of the Nesser family. “Go and pick a heavenly

thunder fruit with this.”

Although that servant of the Nesser family was afraid, he still headed toward the heavenly thunder tree with Beast

Mirror in his hand obediently.

Seeing that his colleague had melted into thin air after being struck by a bolt of lightning earlier, he was still afraid

inwardly despite having Beast Mirror in his hand. His legs trembled as he approached the tree.

Jared eyed Cameron. Well, well, well... It turns out that he's made all the preparations, even having a weapon to

deal with lightning at the ready.

After that servant of the Nesser family drew near to the heavenly thunder tree with Beast Mirror in his hand, he

exerted force and leaped up. Then, he shot his hand out at a heavenly thunder fruit.


In a flash, a bolt of lightning manifested above the heavenly thunder tree and zapped toward his outstretched hand.

At that, he swiftly held up Beast Mirror. The bolt of lightning landed on it and was refracted to the side.

When the bolt of lightning was refracted, a tremendous force hit the cave, causing the entire place to shake even

as rocks fell.

Over the moon to see that Beast Mirror was effective, Cameron ordered loudly, “Quick! Lightning can't hurt you

anymore. Hurry up and pick the heavenly thunder fruit!”

That turn of events also had that servant of the Nesser family rejoice inwardly. He reached out to grab the heavenly

thunder fruit.

Just when he was about to succeed, there was a sudden strong gust of wind. In the blink of an eye, he was sent

plummeting to the ground.

On the heels of that, a massive Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk appeared before them all. Its broad wings generated

immense energy each time they flapped.

“I-Is this Thunderhawk?” the Three Bandits exclaimed with surprise written all over their faces.

They had never seen Thunderhawk. For that reason, they thought the latter had appeared when they saw such a

gigantic Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk.

“This is probably not Thunderhawk. This Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk's capabilities fall short of the level of Tribulator.

At most, it's at Eighth Level Body Fusion Realm,” Jared answered placidly, his gaze pinned on the Bloodthirsty

Thunderhawk before him.

Studying the Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk that had appeared, Cameron furtively breathed a sigh of relief because he

had also perceived that it was not Thunderhawk. Thus, he did not need to fear too much.

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