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The Three-and-a-Half Years Old Baby is Pampered by Eight Uncles!

Chapter 461 - 461: Finale
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Chapter 461: Finale

However, there were many sorcerers left behind in the prison. They blocked these people outside and could not move forward no matter what they did.

Jiang He and Jiang He purified Devon’s soul over and over again. They only opened their eyes when they finally let go.

The two of them paused for a moment before saying, “Boss, this Dro Rabbi isn’t a soul at all. He’s something formed by the evil thoughts and scattered energy of the world. Devon accidentally found out about this and became a core figure of SL Those children were also controlled by Dro Rabbi’s evil thoughts before they were taken away. This way, even the police can only find out that these children left their homes.’

This result really shocked Tian Min. Evil thoughts were very intangible. It was just a human’s negative emotions. She had never heard of anyone’s evil thoughts becoming like this.

She thought of the abnormal movements that had occurred in the past two years, and the demons and ghosts that were causing trouble everywhere in the city. She felt a headache and said, “1 think this world is going to be in chaos.”

She hurriedly instructed someone to send the dumbfounded Devon out and transfer him to another prison according to the plan. Then, she turned around and left for the Gu family.

During the transfer, Tian Min played a trick and specially used a few empty carriages to leave from the entrance. Inside were magic artifacts containing Devon’s energy, immediately attracting the attention of the Baldy sorcerer.

“They’re sending Devon away. Chase after him!” He shouted as he chased after the car, but Devon had already been sent out the back door.

Tian Min arrived at the Gu family at the fastest speed possible and asked, “Where’s Young Master Gu?”

“Big Brother brought Miss Su to the charity event today,” Gu Yu said as he walked out with his hair that had yet to dry.

Tian Min knew that Gu Yu was smart, so she quickly told him what she had just discovered. “Now, we have to change our strategy as soon as possible. The difficulty of capturing Dro Rabbi if he’s not a soul has greatly increased.”

“Why should we arrest him?” Gu Yu picked up the coffee on the table and said, “Isn’t it better to kill him directly?”

Tian Min looked troubled. “The higher-ups insisted on arresting him.”

Previously, you caused damage to the city every two to three days. The government asked you to write countless self-reflection letters, but it didn’t work.”

These words reminded Tian Min that she could break her promise. Even if she said she killed him by accident, the government could not kill her.

She smiled and said, “Second Young Master is right.”

Tian Min had already made up her mind to kill Dro Rabbi. Once she made up her mind, she calmed down. Seeing this, Gu Yu made her a cup of coffee, and the two of them sat quietly in the living room.

The situation of the Baldy sorcerer was not so good. He had spent so much effort to break into the prison and lost so many people, but in the end, he did not obtain anything.

When he stood in front of Dro Rabbi dejectedly, Gu Lin was also by his side. He had specially rushed over to add fuel to the fire, making Dro Rabbi completely distrust the Baldy sorcerer.

“You caused such a huge commotion, but you still didn’t save him?” Dro Rabbi asked angrily.

“The sorcerers guarding the prison are too powerful. We couldn’t rush in even after trying our best. However, they have already sent Devon out. We still have a chance to find a new detention address,” the Baldy sorcerer explained.

At this moment, Gu Lin said, “I’ve already received the news. As they were attacked, the prison didn’t want to take the risk and sent Devon to Country Y’s embassy.”

Upon hearing this, the Baldy sorcerer slumped to the ground. He knew that everything was over.

Dro Rabbi did not reprimand him anymore. He floated in front of the Baldy sorcerer and said, “I don’t have any patience with you anymore, and you actually dare to betray me.”

The Baldy sorcerer did not know what Dro Rabbi was talking about, but he did not get the chance to speak. Under Gu Lin’s shocked gaze, he was devoured.

Dro Rabbi directly swallowed him into his stomach, not even leaving a drop of blood.

“This is the consequence of betraying me.” Dro Rabbi looked at Gu Lin.

Gu Lin did not know how he returned to the Gu family. He sat on the sofa in a daze and did not speak, scaring the others.

Yunbao walked to his side and asked, “Eldest Uncle, what’s wrong?”

Gu Lin only reacted when he heard her voice. He lowered his head and said, “Yunbao, you have to protect yourself no matter what. This is only the beginning of your long journey.”

Although she did not know what Eldest Uncle meant, Yunbao still nodded obediently to show that she understood.

Gu Lin looked at Yunbao. Now that the matter had come to an end, he only hoped that Yunbao could grow up safely and happily..

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