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Sweet Waters Throne

Sweet Waters Throne
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Sweet Waters Throne

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    Summary The prince of Maldonia, Prince Artemis of House Arteides, the bear killer, the slayer of the elves is crowned King when his father King Arteides dies. The whole kingdom of Maldonia depends on him now, but he puts the throne in jeopardy after he refuses marry Princess Thelma of House Taelin from the kingdom of Prophis and opt marry Aurora Kholin, the love of his life.Aurora is a seer and a powerful witch who has yet aknowledge her powers, only Artemis knows of it. Lucian Mithandir is in exile recruiting an army fight Prince Castellan of house Taelin for the throne of Prophis. Artemis wants no parts of this war, but he is very aware whoever wins the war will later turn Maldonia.Artemis has no clue that a bigger war isming which will set kingdoms on fire, Aurora has seen it in her dreams and it’s for the Sweet Waters Throne in Maldonia. The end is uncertain but the ways are clearer, who will sit on the throne after the war between Lord Gandalf of House Old City who owns mighty huge lions and King Artemis of Maldonia who has Aurora and dragons breathing fire.~ Excerpt Scene ~The men of the secretuncil remained behind after the king walked away further discuss the situation at the borders of the kingdom. The battlefield was named nedance and that’s because of its ny surface and this part of the place was usually abandoned and without inhabitants. Some people claimed nedance was cursed, that’s because it laid in the middle of two powerful kingdoms.nedance was neitherld nor humid as it od between the hot and shining Maldonia, and the freezing and gothic Prophis. It was the perfect place fight and camp, the two battalions had all the space themselves prepare for war. Three hundred thousand men loyal King Castellan Taelin of Prophis laid on the East, and two hundred thousand men keen keep Lucian Mithandir.Whatever was going on in nedance was of no Artemis’sncern as he focused more on sharpening his swordsmanship skills. He trained from morning noon, with the lordmmander of his kingsguard, Sir Dante Lucan who he befriended and these two became inseparable in a span of just a week.me me! Hard” Artemis urged his lordmmander not be easy on him.“If I go hard on you Your Grace, we shall be left without a king rule” replied Sir Dante Lucan with a smile. “You are getting better day by day; may I ask why the sudden interest in swordsmanship?”.....“I am a celebrated knight Sir Dante. I have fought in wars ever since I was nine”“Exactly my point Your Grace. You are good with your sword, and have been for some time” Sir Dante smiled softly “Is it the war in nedance which makes His Grace nervous?”“Some say I am ought join my uncle, support the house my mother called it home. While others say my uncle betrayed me the very first day heok Mithandir inside his walls”“And what do you say, Your Grace?”Aurora joined them and Sir Dante excused himself. It had been a week and four days since they were last seeing aturt.“I am a warlock Artemis” For the first time ever since Artemis knew Aurora, this was the first she’s declared and accepted her true nature. “I am a seer, spaewife, or any other words you may want use but I am not normal”“We have talked about this Aurora, when the time is right…”Aurora interrupted “The time is now!” she said. “I can feel the flames in my dreams getting hotter. If I don’t seek the help I need now, I fear for my own existence. I saw myself riding a ─” she paused softly.Artemis leaned on her “Riding a what?” he asked suspiciously.“It may sound crazy, I mean I have never heard of such creatures and even if they exist…”“What were you riding Aurora?”After a few snds of not being sure how will Artemis react or take it, Aurora finally exhaled softly and brought herself speak “A dragon” and then she paused waiting see how will Artemis take all of it. You’re reading “Sweet Waters Throne” on See all Hide