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Supreme Couple In Apocalypse: Undead King & Demonic Queen

Chapter 88 Onwards to Yorik Kingdom, Star-Frost Wings
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88 Onwards to Yorik Kingdom, Star-Frost Wings

'So it was a test? Jeez…'

[ You have made the correct choice, Despairer. If you had chosen to save the siblings, you would have died with a 98% chance, as those siblings were also corrupted. ]

[ Please always exert maximum caution before anything related to Abyss. ]


On the other hand, his Roaring Metal Cannon only took a second to hit the ground, something Erix didn't expect to happen.

With widened eyes, Erix looked below and zoomed in to see a giant crater with nothing left of the so-called Abyss Ritual Pool!

[Congratulations! You have destroyed the Abyss Ritual Pool.]

[You have completed the task….

Erix heard reward notifications while he flew down, but he was focused on the situation below.

'They are alive?' He saw the faint and weak auras a bit far away from the crater, numbering four.

'All of them are alive, but that blondy is on the verge of dying.'

He finally descended to the center of the crater and couldn't help but grin as he looked at the destructure he caused. Even he didn't know that the combo of Windfury Cannon and Roaring Metal Cannon could be this powerful!

'No one can stay alive if I drop this combo on anyone back on Earth...probably.'

Shaking his head, Erix focused back on the business.

'Those trio, they are recovering quickly,' Erix turned his back to the auras five hundred meters away.

A couple of seconds later, Erix saw the blond man's life aura disappearing, leaving only his residual aura.

'These three are definitely not your average Tom, Dick, and Harry.'

After all, he had felt a threat from level 85 blondy. It was not a level 85 beast or monster but an experienced hunter!

The trio then quickly recovered their vitality using potions as Erix saw their aura recovering brightness.

Erix just waited upon seeing them approaching him.

"What in the hell was that, Erix?" The trio landed before Erix, their expressions showing surprise and shock.

"That was absolutely deadly. We would have died if we were not already far from here."

'Maybe,' Erix internally scoffed.

After saying that, Venisa took out a map from her storage ring and gave it to Isabella.

"This is the map. It's sixty kilometers away from here, so the road will be tough, but…' Venisa bit her lips. "No one here is as powerful as you and capable of reaching the Starfrost Magha tribe."

"The only thing I have to offer is a valuable skill stone that Starfrost Magha Tribe's leader gave me two years ago," Venisa smiled and took out a beautiful finger-sized sea blue crystal with eccentric icy and sparkling blue patterns.

"I was saving it for someone talented in our tribe, but we are in a desperate situation," Venisa grabbed Isabella's hand and put the skill stone on Isabella's hand. "And I trust you will use this skill stone well and help us."

'What terrible thing did she feel when she looked at the statue's eye that made her this desperate?'

"I will help you, chief Venisa," Isabella nodded with a reassuring smile. "But can you tell me what you know about that strange thing in the statue?"

"I don't know anything about it," Venisa shook her head before she sighed, "but every ancestor's statue in this region has the power of ancestor's divinity in them."

"But…something still managed to corrupt the statue. I can't help but feel that a disaster is brewing if there is a power here capable of corrupting our ancestor's statues," Venisa's wrinkled brows furrowed. "If all statues are corrupted, I don't know what will happen, so I must inform others."

Venisa looked at Isabella straight in her eyes and somberly continued, "Once the Starfrost Magha tribe gets this letter, leader Kukul will inform others and investigate."

"I see. Then Chief Venisa, I'll depart in a few minutes after returning to the house." ʀᴇᴀᴅ ʟᴀᴛᴇsᴛ ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀs ᴀᴛ Novᴇ(l)Fɪre .ɴᴇt

"Thank you, dear. We will never forget this favor."

Isabella left Chief Venisa's house while looking at the new task.

—> Deliver the letter to Starfrost Magha Tribe and decide your next move. / Rewards: +1 level, Item recall box, and 1x Labyrinth shop ticket.

'This skill will help me a lot,' Isabella thought as she couldn't help but smile upon sensing the new skill rune in her Origin Region.

The skill was the main reason why she accepted the task. After all, it was a 3rd Tier skill!

[Star-frost Guardian Wings]

_Rank: 3rd Tier.

_Cost: 300 mana.

_Description: Mainfests a pair of Star-frost Wings for one hour. The speed of flying and effectiveness of skill quirks depends on the user's magic stat.

_Effect: +200 ice resistance, +200 Ice damage.

_Skill Quirks: —> Star-Frost Hurricane / cost: 30 mana.

—> Star-Frost Drift / cost: 10 mana.

'Powerful! A skill with more skills inside?' Isabella was amazed. She wanted to try out the skill immediately but showed restraint and returned to her house first.