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Sugar Dating with CEO

Sugar Dating with CEO
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Sugar Dating with CEO

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    Summary [Slow Burn]Kalea Orlin Lovaata is a poor girl who just lives with her mother, who is an aholic and has a mental illness. Her life isrmented just because her face is so similar that of her mother’s ex-husband, who cheated on her 11 years ago and left them both. No matter how much work she does, she still can’tver all her current needs. Because she was desperate, it occurred Kalea ask herllege friend who was famous for a myriad of rumors following her.“The job is really easy, you just need ampany someone shopping or something. Quickly, a large amount of money will enter your bank aunt.”“Really?”“Yeah, I’ll arrange a meeting with him if you agree.”Without thinking, Kalea agreed. But, she does not know, that the job that awaits her is being a sugar baby for CEO, Arthur Jefferson. She must satisfy the man’s desires, including sacrificing his honor just for the sake of money.Will she still accept the dirty job? Follow Kalea’s life journey in Sugar Dating with CEO! You’re reading “Sugar Dating with CEO” on See all Hide