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Stepped Over Her Vicious Stepsister To Become The True Bigshot!

Stepped Over Her Vicious Stepsister To Become The True Bigshot!
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Stepped Over Her Vicious Stepsister To Become The True Bigshot!

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    Summary Gu Man, who transmigrated from ancient times, woke up in the body of the Gu family’s snd daughter. As soon as she woke up, she saw the fiance of the original body who had hooked up with her stepsister. Faced with the scumbag’snfident questioning, disgusted gaze and a slap her face, Gu Man’s reaction was return a fierce blow him. She hit him until he was dizzy and knelt the ground, his lower bodyvered inld sweat. Gu Man only realized that a video of her walking i the room had been leaked after she left, and the matter had begun spread rapidly.untless people insulted Gu Man and called her a mistress. Faced with a two-faced stepsister, a malicious and deceiving stepmother who climbed her way up from being a mistress, and a father whouldn’t tell wrong from right and treated her as more of an adopted daughter, as well as those stupid onlookers who didn’t know the truth of the matter and called her auntry girl… Gu Man ignored them all. Thep rer in thellege entrance examination,p hacker, divine dor, financial ton… All kinds of identities were attached a single person. Gu Man relied on her own strength ruthlessly slap them all back in the face! The noble Xiang family’s eldest son, a powerful man in the capital, even declared the public that his wife was mischievous, and that he would take the blame if she made a mistake. Just when everyone was wondering who this sweet wife of his was, the entertainment headlines published a ph of him holding his sweet wife as they walked in and out of a high-end hotel. The woman in the picture was Gu Man! Xiang family’s son: Everyone, meet my wife! You’re reading “Stepped Over Her Vicious Stepsister Bme The True Bigshot!” on See all Hide

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