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Sir Your Wife Already Signed the Divorce Paper

Chapter 398
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Chapter 398 You Were Lying to Me?

“Ms. Forbes?” After answering the phone, Lane asked, “Can I help you?”

Imogen said, “I’m here for Troy. Please come down and pick me up.”

“Oh… Ms. Forbes, Mr. Marshall isn’t in the company right now. How about… you come back another


Imogen was surprised.

The receptionist clearly said that Troy was in the company.

Imogen said, “I’ve been busy these days and don’t have time to come again. I bring something for him.

Please come down and hand it over to him.”

“Okay, please wait a moment.”

After about five minutes, Lane came out of the elevator, looked around, and walked towards Imogen.

“Ms. Forbes, what do you have for Mr. Marshall?”

“This.” Imogen pointed to her chest.



Lane was speechless.

“Take me up. If he’s not here, I’ll wait for him.”

“But… Mr. Marshall won’t return to the company today.”

“Where is he going if he won’t come back to the company?”

“I… I don’t know, either.”

Imogen said angrily, “Cut the crap and take me up.”

Lane hesitated and stammered. There must be something wrong.


Without saying anything, Imogen took the employee card from Lane, walked to the elevator and swiped

it. She strode in and pressed the button to open the elevator.

“Hey, Ms. Forbes, wait for me!”

Lane hurriedly chased after her.

Unfortunately, he was late. The elevator had closed and started to rise. He pressed the button, and the

next elevator came down.

He was so angry and stamped his feet.

The elevator door opened. Imogen strode out of the elevator. Under the gaze of the secretaries, she

headed directly towards the chairman’s office.

The door to the chairman’s office was unlocked, so obviously someone was inside.

Imogen opened the door directly and went in. When she saw the scene in front of her, she froze on the


In addition to Troy, there was a woman in the office, who was sitting on Troy’s chair, holding a mouse

and looking at the computer screen.

Troy bent down and stood behind the woman, putting one hand on the woman’s shoulder and holding

the woman’s hand on the mouse with the other. He lowered his head and spoke to the


Chapter 198 You Were Lying to Me?


woman, as if they were discussing something on the screen together, with an intimate posture. Not to

know what Troy said, the two looked at each other and laughed. The woman raised her head and

kissed Troy on the side of his face.

When Imogen saw this scene, her mind went blank. She was stunned for a few seconds.

If it weren’t for the fact that the man in front of her was Troy, she would have even suspected that she

was in the wrong place.

During this time, she could feel Troy’s love for her.

But what was going on now?

Hearing the sound of the door opening, the two people behind the desk raised their heads and looked

at Imogen.

When Imogen saw the woman’s face, she was shocked, her whole body trembled, and her heart


It was Sarah.

She was so shocked that she felt no pain in her heart, only surprise, confusion, anger, and


Imogen looked into Troy’s eyes, unexpectedly calm. “Why is she here?”

Didn’t he dislike Sarah?

Didn’t he insist that he was deceived by Sarah, who was the mastermind behind her father’s murder?

Why was he with Sarah now?

Seeing Imogen, Troy showed no sign of guilt on his face and stood up straight indifferently. “Why are

you here?”

Imogen took a step forward, stared directly at Troy, and said word by word, “I ask you, why is she


Sarah, who was in the chair, slid back, stood up, and smiled at Imogen with a proud expression on her

face. “Can’t you understand now? Imogen…”

“Did I talk to you?” Imogen glanced at her.


“Sarah, go to the garage and wait for me. I’ll tell her clearly and then I’ll come to you.” Troy glanced at

Imogen, then winked at Sarah. “Buy the necklace you picked just now.”

Sarah was a little reluctant, but still agreed. When she passed by Troy, she hooked his finger and said,

“You know the score. Hurry up.”


Troy personally walked Sarah to the door.

Their intimacy was obvious and natural.

Looking at the scene in front of her, Imogen pressed her lips tightly, and clenched her hands in her

sleeves. Her nails deeply pierced into the flesh of the palm, leaving several crescent–shaped marks.

Only in this way could she ensure that she wouldn’t lose her composure and expose her bleeding heart

to others.

Chapter 398 You Were Lying to Me?

Passing by Imogen, Sarah didn’t look sideways and only let out a snort, like a victor in a war.

Troy watched Sarah’s figure vanish around the corner. He closed the door, turned around, and glanced

at Imogen. “Since you have seen it all, I won’t play nice with you. What do you want to ask?”

Imogen raised her eyes and looked into Troy’s eyes. “Play nice?”

She watched him for a long time.

His eyes were still so cold, as if the previous intimacy and love were all illusions.

“Yes.” Troy put on a sarcastic smile. “What? Do you think that I really like you?”

Imogen’s face turned pale instantly. “What do you mean by this?”

Without others, she couldn’t restrain herself, her eyes turned red, and she tried to steady her trembling


In the past few months, was his tenderness and sincerity all fake?

Troy’s expression remained unchanged. He looked at her condescendingly, with a look of disdain. in

his eyes. “Don’t you understand? I’ll make it clear to you. I have never liked you. As for this period of

time, it was just a bet that Sarah made with me on a whim, and I won the bet… want to know what we

bet on?”

Imogen’s eyelashes trembled, and she winced in heartbroken.

Was the person in front of her really Troy?

Why was he… completely different from before?

Do you

She had only seen this kind of look and scrutiny from him when she first arrived at the Marshall


“I said you hated me at the beginning, not because of cheating, but because you were jealous of

Sarah. You hated me for not liking you. Sarah didn’t believe it and thought you had your own principles.

I made a bet with her that I could make you like me. The facts show that I won the bet. and the fact that

you appear here now is the best proof.”

Troy thought of something, with a proud and mocking smile on his face. “Last time at the hospital, you

actually wanted to tell me that you would remarry me, but I interrupted you, right? Look, I’m just using

some tricks. You have completely forgotten your hatred for me and the death of your child for a short

time. You still want to be with me again. This is you, Imogen.”

That smile was so dazzling that it pierced her heart like a sharp arrow.

Imogen’s lips opened. Her throat felt sore.

She wanted to shake her head. She wanted to deny, defend, say loudly that it wasn’t like that.

But it was as if she had swallowed a mouthful of sand, and she couldn’t speak.

She sadly realized that what he said was right.

She had forgotten how much he had hurt her and the pain of losing her child.

Last time at the hospital, she really wanted to reconcile with him.

Her defense and her love for him were crushed by his contempt at this moment. It was worthless.

It turned out that the tender loving care was caused by a casual bet these months.

She didn’t believe it.

Imogen closed her eyes, then stared at Troy, and said hoarsely, “You are lying to me, right? Troy.”

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