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Chapter 315 Zeus’ Avatar Descends!
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Chapter 315 Zeus' Avatar Descends!

Facing the onslaught of the undead army, the Zeus Kingdom's army was facing the biggest threat in their life.

Whenever they managed to kill the undead soldier, the undead soldier would reorganize itself as if nothing had happened. As if that wasn't enough, even those mages were rendered useless in this battle.

Purification spells didn't work on the undead. Even when they used fire magic to cremate those undead soldiers, those undead soldiers would reconstruct using the dark mana in the atmosphere.

The undead soldiers slowly encroached on the territory of the Zeus Kingdom. They had managed to destroy the huge walls of the kingdom and they all flooded towards the Zeus Kingdom, slaughtering every living being in its path.

Even the trump card of the Zeus Kingdom was rendered useless. Richard Heinz was occupied in fighting against Joshua Trevor.

Although Richard was a stronger 8th Circle Mage compared to Joshua, Joshua had unlimited mana and health due to Allen supplying his undead army with his own mana.

Even if Richard was stronger, he slowly was losing in his battle against Joshua. Even if he had managed to kill Joshua, Joshua would have healed his injuries instantly using Allen's dark mana.

Every spell cast by Richard had consumed his mana yet that wasn't the same for Joshua. Richard kept on draining his mana pool yet Joshua's mana pool was still full.

Allen could have easily killed Richard but he didn't bother to do that. Otherwise, it would be pointless transforming Joshua into an undead if Joshua couldn't be used to stall Richard and defeat him.

Whenever his undead army managed to kill the soldiers of the Zeus Kingdom, Allen would cast his undead magic to resurrect those dead soldiers and make them part of his undead army.

Whenever the Zeus Kingdom lost the battle and gained casualties, Allen's undead army would increase in number and become stronger than before. The more the Zeus Kingdom weakened, the more his undead army became stronger.

It didn't take long for the Zeus Kingdom to be overrun with his undead soldiers. Even the 7th Star Knights and 7th Circle Mages of the Zeus Kingdom became part of the undead army.

The situation of the Zeus Kingdom was so severe that the king of the Zeus Kingdom could only grit his teeth and pick up his magic scepter. Afterward, the Zeus Kingdom king used his flight magic to fly towards where Allen was.

Allen didn't use his undead army to hinder the path of the Zeus Kingdom so the king successfully arrived in front of Allen.

After arriving in front of Allen, the king of the Zeus Kingdom gloomily looked at Allen and asked, "The Zeus Kingdom surrenders! What do you want us to compensate the Gaia Kingdom with, Supreme Mage?"

Hearing the king's question, Allen indifferently replied, "Compensate the Gaia Kingdom with your Zeus Kingdom's destruction."

"Your Zeus Kingdom is too strong! It needs to be destroyed!"

When the king heard Allen's reply, the king gritted his teeth and opened his magic scepter, revealing a transparent bead with a thunder element sealed inside it.

Allen could vaguely feel the divinity stored inside the transparent bead and he guessed that it was likely the artifact given by the God of Thunder Zeus to the king of the Zeus Kingdom.

Allen had already known from Alisceon that the Gaia Kingdom also had an artifact given to them by the Goddess of Earth Gaia so he wasn't surprised that the king of the Zeus Kingdom also had one.

After taking out the thunder bead from his magic scepter, the king of the Zeus Kingdom immediately crushed it and a wave of thunder and lightning elements was released from it!

The dark sky became darker and the storm clouds became concentrated with lightning and thunder.

Afterward, the divine image of a huge titan with a muscular body and a long beard was formed in the sky. That huge titan's eyes were sparking with lightning and his body was made up of storm clouds.

Undoubtedly, he was none other than the God of Thunder and Lightning, Zeus!

The expression of the king of the Zeus Kingdom became more arrogant and confident after he successfully summoned the avatar of his lord god!

On the contrary, Allen remained indifferent as he gazed at Zeus' avatar while Zeus's eyes also met with Allen's.

'Zeus in his avatar state is at Half-Step Perfection Realm. I don't know if Zeus' main body could transfer more power into his avatar but even so, I can still defeat him even if Zeus is at Perfection Realm Peak Stage.'

'Even if Zeus somehow managed to descend with his main body in this world, he isn't a threat. Not to mention, John Skier is at the Gaia Kingdom and John can deal with most gods so the safety of the Gaia Kingdom is certain.'

'In other words, I can focus on my battle with Zeus' avatar. Fortunately, the battlefield is in the Zeus Kingdom's territory and not the Gaia Kingdom. It will be quite an intriguing scene if Zeus' avatar descended to fight against me in order to prevent the destruction of the Zeus Kingdom yet the Zeus Kingdom was destroyed by our battle.'

With those thoughts in mind, Allen maintained his composure as he had a staring contest with the avatar of the God of Thunder and Lightning.

Allen knew that according to mythology, Zeus was not only the God of Thunder and Lightning, but his main divine authority was over the sky. Zeus was also known as the God of Sky, the God King of the Greek Mythology.

If the heretic gods in the divine realm were at the Perfection Realm Initial Stage as their minimum power, then Zeus as a God King should be at the Perfection Realm Peak Stage.

But even so, Adam didn't think of Zeus as a threat.

'So what if Zeus is a God King? It just so happens that I also have the Supreme God Slayer talent. The damage of my attacks will be more effective against gods like Zeus, let alone Zeus being a God King!'

With that confidence in mind, Allen waited for Zeus to make a move. He wanted to know what Zeus wanted to do in this situation. Anyway, he wasn't in danger even if Zeus attacked first since he had many ways to protect himself or prevent his death.

Soon, Zeus stopped observing Allen and opened his mouth, "Mortal, you should be the strongest mage of the human race in history. If you turn around now and leave, I will give you face and forget that this transgression has ever happened."