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On A Deserted Island With A Beauty

On A Deserted Island With A Beauty
100 Chapters
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On A Deserted Island With A Beauty

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    Summary On his first business trip, Chang Yuan was seated next an absolute beauty.He was prepared have a passionate love life and end his boring single life.However, he never imagined that their plane would crash and they would be stranded on a deserted island!As he looked at the vast ocean around them, Chang Yuan wanted cry.The silver lining was that the beautiful woman had grabbed o his clothes and was also stranded here.Chang Yuan mumbled, “Wait a minute. I suddenly realize that you look very similar a certain celebrity. What was her name again?”“Is it Qiao Yuran?”“Ah, yes. You look like the superstar, Qiao Yuran.”She replied, “I am Qiao Yuran.”You’re reading “On A Deserted Island With A Beauty” on See all Hide