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My Triling System

My Triling System
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My Triling System

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    Summary [ Ding! You have successfully obtained the fiftieth Triling Ring ][ You now have access enter the Mystic Cave guarded by the Nine Dragons ][ New Quest: Vampires approaching. p them from invading the Mystic Cave by ordering the dragons protect you and your men. You have one week before the vampires reach the foot of the cave. Learn how tame andntrol the nine dragons before they arrive][ Failure do so will lead your demise and all the fifty rings you’ve gathered will be a waste. The magical world will be destroyed and vampires will take over the land. You will be reborn in the next 250 years and would have start gathering the fifty rings once again ]*****Rejected, due being an human in the land of elves, Kevin was banished and casted i the river the very day he was born. But fate said he would live as he was rescued by the very person who casted him i the river.Every mage when they reach the age sixteen wereld attend the mage academy and Kevin, the abandoned human who had overheard thenversation of some students, got excited attend this academy.He asked from his guardian if heuld attend the academy but unfortunately, he was denied, all because of him being an human and not an Elf. At that moment, he became angry and had locked himself up in his guardian’s workshop, that was a room full of all types of magical items.But while in the room, Kevin had spotted a golden ring that instantly glowed as soon as ituched his bloody fingers. Surprisingly, he was given a system that granted him the opportunity be an Elf. But what he divered was that, he wasn’t just an elf but a fairy and also an human...... You’re reading “My Triling System” on See all Hide