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My Bossy CEO Husband by Symon Diller

My Bossy CEO Husband by Symon Diller
1850 Chapters
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My Bossy CEO Husband by Symon Diller

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    Read My Bossy CEO Husband by Symon Diller by Symon Diller. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereMy Bossy CEO Husband by Symon Diller free read online. My Bossy CEO Husband PDF free download at here Rosalynn Fuller discovers through a trending article that her husband, Brian Hughes, CEO of Hughes Group, spent the night with a famous actress, Eleanor Hilton. Despite their two-year marriage, Brian has never set foot in their home and had even delegated the marriage registration process to his lawyer. Rosalynn, initially hopeful about their union due to a favor owed to her grandfather, is disappointed by Brian's continuous involvement with other women. She calls Brian for the first time to confront him about the situation, and his cold response leaves her feeling angered and frustrated. Rosalynn confronts her husband, Brian, about the scandal involving Eleanor Hilton and expresses her desire for a divorce. Brian, cold and indifferent, agrees to it. Rosalynn, uninterested in alimony and wanting to sever all ties, reveals she has already prepared and signed the divorce agreement. After a brief exchange, she hangs up, feeling like strangers bound only by law. Rosalynn swiftly packs her belongings, leaves the divorce agreement on the coffee table, and departs from their home. Meanwhile, at Hughes Group, Brian receives the news with disdain and prepares for a meeting with Mr. Foster, revealing his lack of concern for the end of his marriage... Read My Bossy CEO Husband by Symon Diller

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