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Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted by Eleven Jewell

Chapter 2153
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Chapter 2153 Darcie did not believe Jaylene at first. "Stella said you met her in the morning and told her that you would drive to the airport alone. Why didn’t she mention that you were sick?" Jaylene cursed Stella for being nosy and continued with her lie, "Why would Stella be so kind as to tell you about me? She would be more than happy if | didn't go pick Dad up, so he'd be upset with me.” Then, she coughed again before continuing, "Mom, I'm really at the hospital now. Check my location if you don't believe me. | didn't mean to ignore your calls. I'm just feeling too unwell. | put my phone on silent and forgot about it." Darcie looked at the location Jaylene had sent her and began believing her words. She then briefly asked about her condition.

Jaylene said, "I'm still waiting for the doctor to see me." Darcie said in a deep voice, "Come over here immediately once you're done. I'll give you a maximum of forty minutes. I'm going to meet Mrs. Esper today because you messed up, so you'd better be here! "I'd expect you to show up if you can still walk! It's even better if you come here sick so Mrs. Esper can see our sincerity. We can only keep working with her if we can get her to forgive us. Clients like her are very crucial for the success of your career in the future.” Jaylene frowned, feeling somewhat annoyed. However, she dared not disobey Darcie's orders. So, she grunted in response, "I got it." Darcie's tone softened a little. "Don't blame me for being so harsh on you, and don't feel embarrassed for apologizing. When you have nothing, you'll understand that money is more important than pride and everything else.

"I'l send you the address shortly. Let me know once you arrive." Jaylene said reluctantly, "Okay." After Darcie hung up and sent the address to Jaylene, she fixed her dress, put on a smile, and walked in.

In the luxurious private room, there were Grace, Jessie, and Jessie's youngest son, Aaron.

Grace and Jessie were chatting while Aaron sat there absentmindedly.

When he saw Darcie entering, he immediately stood up and asked, "Mrs.

Saun, is Jaylene here?" Darcie said gently, "Jaylene went to the hospital to get some medicine.

She'll be here soon. Let's order some food first so we can eat while talking." Upon hearing that Jaylene was sick, Aaron immediately became concerned. "What's wrong with her? Is it anything serious? Do you need me to-" Before he could finish his sentence, Jessie pinched his thigh, causing him to yelp in pain.

Jessie glared at him, signaling him to keep his composure and not make himself look so desperate.

Aaron remembered the promise he made to Jessie earlier and held his tongue.

Darice replied with a smile, "It's nothing too bad. She'll probably be here in half an hour. Aaron, you're such a thoughtful child." Aaron's face lit up with joy as his ears flushed slightly.

He knew that Jaylene was very obedient to Darcie. If he could get Darcie's approval, it would mean that he had a good chance with Jaylene.

When they first studied abroad, he was not very good with the local y enovagy Jayleps thokihe ntiative tqappr &R him and help him. She was so nice to him that it made him think that she liked him. The content is on english.net! Read the latest chapter there! However, when he finally confessed his feelings to her, she said, "I think we should just stay as friends." So, they remained friends.

Later, when Aaron became close to another girl, Jaylene suddenly distanced herself frenehimcafi’” biogked ish mber. He then spent the next few days outside her school before getting the chance to confront her about it.

Jaylene then used a very conflicted expression to explain that perhans she rare possksbivel she felt ubebfortable when she saw her best friend get close to other girls.

The content is on english.net! Read the latest chapter there! She also said that she was afraid that feeling this way would strain their relationship, so she wanted to distance herself from him temporarily.