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Marry Ex's Uncle After Divorcement by Jacqueline

Chapter 828
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Chapter 828

“Why can’t you sleep?” Theresa looked at him. Maybe because recently she was worrying about Dick,

now she got worried when people said they couldn’t sleep.

Charlie saw her look at him with a serious look and was stunned. He was surprised that she would be concerned

about him.

Theresa and Charlie looked at each other. She could only look away when he looked at her and did not

answer. I forget he said he would keep me out of his business!’ She thought.

Not wanting to offend Charlie by talking. Theresa soon finished her meal. After that, she looked at the two little ones

and said, “I’m going to Grandpa’s office. You guys wanna go with me?”

When the two heard this, their eyes lit up at the same time. “Yes!”

Charlie glanced at the two children and said to Theresa, “Are you taking them?”

“Yeah, we should be able to get back at noon. I don’t take them out much.”

Charlie said, “I wanna go, too.”

“Huh? Theresa looked at Charlie. “You don’t have to go to work?”

“I said I would be in charge of the Cameron’s Group.”

Theresa looked at Charlie in surprise and said, “Are you serious?”

“No kidding.” Charlie checked he time and said, “I’ll go to the office first and look for you later. We can have lunch


“OK.” Answered Theresa.

After breakfast, Theresa took the two children to the Cameron’s Group. After arriving, she first went to

Johnson’s office. When she entered the office, she actually met Jimmy. He stood there, wearing formal clothes and

was not the frail man he had been in the hospital yesterday. Although still a little haggard, he was clearly getting

into working state and asking someone to take care of some business.

Theresa was surprised to see him now. And Jimmy soon saw Theresa too. Theresa was not afraid, and

took the initiative to speak, “Mr. Watson, what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be in the hospital recovering?”

“I work here now. Why can’t I come? Do you think your father’s company would have survived if it wasn’t for me?”

Said Jimmy.

He had been in charge of the company until the end of last year. Now that people started to work, of course he

should come back. Jimmy had now accepted his fate. He knew that he cannot leave the company, so he simply

worked hard.

Leonard and Ben stood behind Theresa. The two little ones were wearing hats, and their big eyes were exposed.

Jimmy recognized the two little guys and said to Theresa, “What a good mother you are. You don’t care about your

own children, but you are here to take care of Charlie’s children!”

Theresa raised her eyebrows. “I like them. You have any problem?”

“No wonder Charlie helped you so much, just for the sake of these two boys! Theresa, if you don’t want those kids,

just give them to me! Don’t hide my children.”

Hearing this, Leonard clenched Theresa’s hand.

Theresa looked at Jimmy and said, “I told you, the children will not be given to you. You can come and take them if

you want.”

Jimmy looked at Theresa with his eyes dark and cold. “I’ve already got a lawyer. I’ll Sue you in a few days!”

Hearing this, Theresa raised her eyebrows. She was not worried at all, and even look forward to seeing Jimmy get

slapped in the face. “As you please.” She said.

Jimmy probably would not have thought that no matter how well prepared he was, he was destined to be busy in


Theresa was ready to take the two children upstairs when she saw a car stopped at the door. It was none

other than Dick that came. Rawlins helped Dick open the door, and Dick walked down from the car. He looked in

good spirits in his black coat.

Leonard recognized him at once and called out, “It’s Uncle Dick.”

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