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Married at First Sight novel (Serenity and Zachary York)

Chapter 3128
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Grandma May always said that she was an old person. At her age, the ground buried half of her body. If she could eat every day, they should leave her alone and let her eat whatever she wanted.

Even Zachary would succumb to the eloquent grandma, let alone the younger ones. Grandma would occasionally rant, asserting that she had trained all these monkeys. They couldn’t climb her, let alone control her.

Emery said, “Let's have some; | don’t know if the dim sum here is delicious.” She liked to make snacks. Now she has opened a snack shop, and the business is quite good.

Tatum’s attentiveness and consideration also left a good impression on Emery.

Emery ordered a few snacks according to his own preferences.

After the waiter walked away, Enrique took the initiative to explain, “In the morning, when Mr. York went to Ormond’s house for an interview, | was nearby and happened to see him. In fact, | had already come out before Mr. York went in.” After his interview, the outcome was unknown.

He was so restless that he did not leave immediately but stayed near Ormond’s house.

He happened to catch Tatum going for an interview.

He remembered Tatum’s appearance, and after careful inquiry, he found that they lived in the same hotel.

Therefore, Enrique took the liberty to knock on Tatum’s door, wanting to chat with this competitor, get to know each other, and find out who else came for the interview besides the two of them.

Tatum smiled: “I see, I'm still wondering how Mr. Tran knew about me. Mr. Tran, how was the interview result with you?” Enrique said with a sneer, “I don’t know yet; I'm waiting [BJ the butler’s reply.” After a pause, he continued, “To be honest, Mr. York, this is my third time here for an interview. The first time | came here was ten years ago. Miss Ormond was underage at that time, and the elder’s condition in the Ormond family was not good. | heard that Miss Ormond started using her holidays to help her elders take care of the family business when she was fifteen years old.” So when | came for the interview for the first time ten years ago, Miss Ormond already had quite a say in the family. When the Ormond family changed chefs, it was always Miss Ormond who requested it. It was, naturally, Miss Ormond who decided who to use. That's the last word.” Enrique recalled the first time he went to Ormond’s house for an interview. He said, “At that time, many of our colleagues went for interviews. Everyone at the time believed that the Ormond family’s salary package was excessively generous.

It's different now. Now, what everyone cares about is salary and benefits, as well as fame and fortune. “After leaving Ormond’s family, even if it is a fired chef, major hotels will be vying for it, and there will also be other wealthy families willing to pay them a lot of money.” Tatum: “...” It seemed that he still didn’t know Elora well enough.

He waited for Enrique to continue.

“Many people think that it is easy to conquer the stomach of a sixteen-year-old 9 hv® theif 3dperb cgoking skills! In"other words, people who have learned our craft do not dare come for interviews without certain life experience. The content is on english.net! Read the latest chapter there!

Everyone feels that they have traveled extensively, learned the skills of various factions, and have rich work experience, so it (CRP intervieys, Gone y, several individuals faced dismissal. Even |, who was full of confidence, did not get a chance to re-examine. Miss Ormond approved the dishes | cooked, but she disapproved of their taste. Miss Ormond commented that the dishes | cook are tangible but tasteless.”

At this point, Enrique’s face turned red. After a long pause, he continued, “After | failed the interview and 901 the evaluation fomhi/ksy Smidnd, WBStedDIy shocked. For a while, | couldn't get out of the shadow of that evaluation. After | went back, | continued to work as a cook, and the food | cooked didn't taste good to me.”