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Love in the Limelight

Love in the Limelight
543 Chapters
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Love in the Limelight

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    Read Love in the Limelight by . Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereLove in the Limelight full chapter at . Artist: Astrid's & netizens... Genre: Billionaire On Mother's Day night, Elio Lampard, the CEO of Morgenster Corporation, posted a message on Twitter seeking his mom, Roman Lampard. The message went viral and led to a humorous misunderstanding, with people thinking he was looking for a wife for his dad. Meanwhile, Gracie, apanied by her intoxicated friend Astrid, discussed the prospect of bing the stepmother to the heir of the Lampard Group to improve their social standing. Astrid, who had previously prepared a fake bank balance text to defend herself at a reunion, revealed that it was a considerable sum of pocket money in the billions. As Gracie tried to help Astrid home, they entered a quiet, eeriemunity late at night. Gracie assisted Astrid to her front door, gave her the key, and left. Astrid discovered that her locked door had been tampered with, indicating someone was inside. Astrid pretended to faint upon entering her apartment, and an intrudermented on the strength of the drug used to incapacitate her. Later, a fat middle-aged man named Simon, who worked at thepany, entered the room and made inappropriate advances toward Astrid, believing she was unconscious. Astrid suddenly sprang into action, kicking Simon and using an ashtray to defend herself, revealing that she was seeking revenge for the girls Simon had bullied at their workplace... Read Love in the Limelight