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Living With My Lady Boss by Blue Silver

Living With My Lady Boss by Blue Silver
605 Chapters
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Living With My Lady Boss by Blue Silver

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    Read Living With My Lady Boss by Blue Silver by Blue Silver. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereLiving With My Lady Boss by Blue Silver full chapter . Artist: Wilbur Penn... Genre: CEO Wilbur Penn is facing accusations of assaulting his wife, Yvonne, by her family, the Willows. Despite their past financial support from Wilbur, the Willows now want him to leave with nothing. Chelsea, Yvonne's younger sister, defends Wilbur, reminding the family of his significant financial contribution in the past. However, Yvonne and her parents are determined to go through with the divorce. Wilbur, who once went by the name Trevor Penn, had a mysterious past as a legendary fighter and leader of the Abyss Mercenaries. He returned to Seechertown, took back his old name, and married Yvonne as per their grandfathers' arrangement. Still, Yvonne's family is now mistreating him, and he contemplates leaving. Chelsea, the only one in the Willow family who shows him kindness, urges Wilbur not to consent to the divorce. Meanwhile, the family prepares for a visit from Blake Woods, the CEO of Woods Corporate, who seems interested in pursuing a relationship with Yvonne. During their conversation, Blake belittles Wilbur and implies he's lacking in certain aspects. Blake also mentions a substantial investment from the Cape Consortium in Woods Corporate, which surprises Wilbur.... Read Living With My Lady Boss

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