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Legend of the Transcendent

Chapter 257: Tianyuan Market
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Chapter 257: Tianyuan Market

Mi Xiaojing said, "Is everyone doing alright?"

Zhang Ke smiled and replied, "All good, we've been waiting for you to come back."

Mi Xiaojing said, "Let's all stop here, no need to set up the wooden shed anymore. We must leave this place."

At that moment, Tian Cang came over and asked, "Leave this place?"

Mi Xiaojing nodded and said, "The sect has been destroyed, we can't return anymore. We need to find a place to settle down. This area isn't safe, it's too chaotic, we must get far away from here."

Not only did Tian Cang come over, but Guan Shangli and Li Huai also approached. When they saw Yong Ji and Yang Shan, they were immediately taken aback. These were the Foundation Establishment Ancestors of the sect, and they promptly stepped forward to pay their respects.

Yong Ji waved his hand and said, "Listen to him," pointing at Mi Xiaojing.

Yang Shan didn't speak, but his expression was the same, also supporting Mi Xiaojing. Ever since Mi Xiaojing had saved him, he had been planning to follow him temporarily, because he knew that Mi Xiaojing was extremely skilled in alchemy. At the very least, following him meant having access to Spirit Pills, and even if he had to find the materials himself, it was much easier than purchasing Spirit Pills outside.

Without the support and help of the sect, cultivation would only become more difficult. Being able to follow an alchemy master was clearly beneficial.

In fact, Mi Xiaojing himself didn't know where to go. The only thing he was sure of was to stay away from the Heart Sect, as this place was no longer suitable to stay. Due to the eruption of the underground magma, it would eventually reach this area. This region was a plain, covered with dense primeval forests. Once ignited, the entire plain would become a fiery field, and it was uncertain how long it would burn before it could be quelled.

This was also a reminder from Wang Weijun. Such a fire, once spread, might not be extinguished for years.

They must get far away from here. Mi Xiaojing asked, "We need to go somewhere far. Does anyone have any good suggestions? Where would be appropriate? I'm not very clear on that."

The old village chief led people to clear a small open space, and Zhang Ke brought out tables and chairs. Ever since he had a storage bag, he could basically pack an entire household inside, not just tables, chairs, and beds, but also pots, pans, and condiments, all carried with him.

Mi Xiaojing, Yong Ji, Yang Shan, Guan Shangli, Li Huai, Tian Cang, and Luo Bo sat down. Luo Bo, having advanced to the Foundation Establishment stage, also had the qualifications to discuss with everyone. Although he hardly understood anything, the Cultivation World was strict with its hierarchy. Once you reached a certain cultivation level, you belonged to that class of people.

Yong Ji and Yang Shan were both Foundation Establishment Cultivators, holding the highest status among this group. Of course, because they were following Mi Xiaojing, his status was on par with theirs, which was a special case.

Unseen, Mi Xiaojing had become the leader of this small group.

Tian Cang said, "This area used to be under the control of the Heart Sect, now it's vacant. Further ahead is the Cang River. The Cang River is wide, with mountains on both sides. Crossing the Cang River, you reach Tianyuan Market, a large market for cultivators. Most of the Cultivation Sects on Cangmin Star have shops there."

"There are many rogue cultivators and sect disciples in Tianyuan Market, making it a very lively place. I think it's a choice."

Yong Ji was a bit surprised and said, "You seem to know quite a lot."

Tian Cang gave a bitter smile and said, "One of my legs and an arm were lost there."

Yang Shan was surprised and said, "You managed to escape back? That's lucky."

Tian Cang immediately felt displeased upon hearing this, but Yang Shan was a Foundation Establishment Cultivator, and even if Tian Cang was upset, he couldn't retort. It wasn't luck, but his strength that allowed him to fight his way out of an encirclement.

Tianyuan Market.

Mi Xiaojing thought for a moment. He hadn't heard of it before, but since it was a market, then relying on his alchemy skills, he should be able to support this large group of people. This was the mindset he had developed in the Western Expansion Sect. Since he was leading these people, he had to consider their cultivation and livelihood.

Just like when he took in Luo Bo, he never thought of abandoning them, nor would he only care about his own life.

"Is this market big? Is it convenient to gather materials? Can Spirit Pills be sold there?"

Upon hearing this, both Yong Ji and Yang Shan laughed.

Yong Ji said, "Tianyuan Market is a place where almost all Cultivation Sects send people. There, you can find all kinds of materials, weapons, and Spirit Pills, including talismans. It all depends on whether you have Spirit Stones. It's also a gathering place for rogue cultivators because in Tianyuan Market, it's easier to obtain the resources you want."

Tian Cang said, "There are many powerful experts in Tianyuan Market. Although there are many private fights and killings, large-scale slaughters of experts, like what happened in Hidden Huo City, are absolutely forbidden. Whoever dares to do so will be attacked by all the experts."

What Mi Xiaojing wanted was safety and resources. Although the safety of Tianyuan Market couldn't be fully guaranteed, the resources were good, and Mi Xiaojing was somewhat tempted.

His Divine Sense sank into his Dan Tian, and he began to discuss with Wang Weijun.Wang Weijun, strictly speaking, was also an outsider and not familiar with Cangmin Star. He had never been to Tianyuan Market, and with his cultivation level, such a market didn't hold much significance for him.

"Old man, I think going to Tianyuan Market isn't a bad idea, what do you think?"

"Up to you, I don't really care either way."

"Alright, then let's head to Tianyuan Market!"

In the end, Mi Xiaojing didn't really have a choice. He didn't know where else to go, so since there was such a place, he might as well check it out first. If it wasn't suitable, they could always look for another place.

Soon, everyone agreed on the decision. Although Tianyuan Market was far away, there wasn't a more suitable place nearby. They couldn't just settle down in some desolate mountains and wild ridges, after all, humans are social creatures by nature.

Cultivators can live in solitude because once a cultivator reaches the Foundation Establishment phase, their range of activity can extend very far. For ordinary people, however, their living range is often limited to within a hundred miles.

If ordinary people settle down in the wilderness, it's not too bad if there are many of them, but if there are few, they could disappear without a trace, either eaten by wild beasts or defeated by the harsh natural environment.

Mi Xiaojing was also responsible for the ordinary people like the old village chief, and he couldn't bear to abandon them, so he had to find a place where ordinary people could live.

Tianyuan Market was a good choice.

Tian Cang asked, "How do we get there?"

Mi Xiaojing looked at the old village chief and a group of ordinary people busy in the distance and said with a wry smile, "We walk, how else can we get there?"

Tian Cang shook his head repeatedly, Yong Ji also showed an expression of disbelief, and Yang Shan said, "It's too far. If we walk there, not to mention the dangers along the way, just the time it would take would be about a year to a year and a half. That's a completely different concept from flying."

Yong Ji nodded and said, "Yeah, without a good method, we can only force our way through and carve out a path. The distance is too great, it's not realistic." To be continued.