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I'm Not Interested In The Main Characters

I'm Not Interested In The Main Characters
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I'm Not Interested In The Main Characters

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    Summary I am a vampire, possessing the body of the villainess in the . I want live quietly so I can live peacefully. When I saw the Duke of Esteban, I lost all my reason and bit his neck. Duke of Esteban just so happens be the greatest figure in the empire. I didn’t have enough strength fight the desire, so I slept with him… I’m in trouble. Let’s erase his memory and run. “Your Excellency asked menvey a message ‘I let you have my neck and body, but you threw it all away and ran.’” What are you saying? Does he remember? Later, there was a strange declaration of war after we met. “Don’t avoid me and let’sntinue meet. Also, when you need blood,me find me.” Duke, would you please stay away from me? It’s hard breathe because of your taste.You’re reading “I'm Not Interested In The Main Characters” on See all Hide