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How Death Became My Rebirth by Evelyn Florence

Chapter 490
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Chapter 490 Kenneth didn’t expect that it was Lydia who stopped the last barrier! And her son! What did they mean? Why was it so hard to marry Cassandra? When others experienced hardships, they would have helpers around them.

But what about Kenneth? 051% 114.52 Those around him were completely useless.

Yannick couldn’t control his man. As for Declan... he really sucked! At such a critical juncture, his best friend's wife blocked the door! And she even blocked the door together with her son! Kenneth now felt that it seemed that it was his friend who made him suffer during his wedding day!! “Lydia, we know each other so well. Shouldn’t you let me go?” Kenneth thought this was the only time he played.

the sympathy card! He did this for the sake of marrying Cassandra! Unexpectedly, Lydia shook her head indifferently. “No ReFYiccoding to the time, I've known Ms. Yates longer than John. Thanks to Ms. Yates, | have become who | am. So... | won't show any mercy to you, even though John is here.” Eddie glanced at Kenneth with sympathy. “Bro, it’s not that | don’t want to help you. | can’t interfere with the relationship between Lydia and Cassandra.” Words failed Kenneth.

1/5 Emergency calls only Chapter 490 What happened today was beyond words! 051% 14:52 Sylvia walked to Lydia with a big smile and said excitedly, “Kenneth, after all, | have watched Cassie grow up.

After so many years, she finally found someone she liked. At least, you should show me and Lucas your sincerity.” From Sylvia's words, Kenneth knew that he must go through these barriers.

That meant, if he had a problem with it, he could give up.

Kenneth didn’t know what to say.

“Sylvia, as long as | can marry Cassie, I'll go through all the barriers no matter how difficult they are.” After that, Kenneth looked at Lydia. “What is this barrier about?” “It’s quite easy. John will do it as long as he is at home, and you just need to do it.” Lydia showed a cunning look.

But for some reason, Kenneth felt a chill down his spine.

Eddie was also a little confused. What did he often do at home? Kenneth raised his eyebrows and asked, “What is it?” “Nelson hasn’t had milk this morning. John will tell you the specifications and teach you how to make it. Then, Nelson hasn't changed his diaper or clothes yet. You are his godfather. You can help him change them.

“If you do a good job, you will pass the test. Ms. Yates is in the room. This is the last test. If you don’t pass this test, there will be other tests waiting for you inside. You can think about it... After all, you have to take care of children in the future. You can practice now.” Lydia felt that she was a bit mean, but fortunately, Nelson didn’t poop at night. He just peed, and it wouldn't be too nasty.

She wondered if Kenneth could take this challenge or not.

Not to mention Kenneth, even Eddie was stunned! He thought, ‘She is my wife. How could she be so mean? ‘How could she come up with such a trick?” 2/5 Emergency calls only! Chapter 490 Kenneth was lost for words.

2051% 14:52 1 “You have to do it as soon as possible. The time is almost up. You still have to go in and find the bride’s shoes...” Lydia reminded Kenneth.

“John, come and teach me what to do!” Seeing the can of milk powder, Kenneth wanted to make the milk.

Eddie stopped him. “Let’s change Nelson’s diaper and clothes before making the milk for him.” It was also more convenient for Nelson to have the milk after his clothes were changed. Now Nelson was one year old, and he would not spill the milk while eating, so there was no need to worry about spilling milk on his clothes.

Kenneth didn’t object and took John's advice.

Kenneth had never been so tortured. He enjoyed changing Nelson's diaper and even spread his legs... When he was about to put on a new diaper for Nelson, Eddie stopped him.

“Oh, no. You have to wash his butt. Otherwise, he will feel uncomfortable after being stuffy all day.” Eddie felt sorry for Nelson and kissed him.

What a poor thing! He was used by his mother as a test.

However, this little one also had a good time and was never tired of it! Kenneth took a deep breath to calm himself down. He thought, ‘Thank goodness. It’s not that difficult. | can see Cassie soon. Nothing can stop me!‘ Sylvia pointed to the bathroom. “There is a small basin inside. Wash it clean, get some water, and wipe Nelson's butt.” Kenneth followed the instructions. Fortunately, he had strong hands-on ability! When the water was ready, Kenneth wanted to wipe Nelson’s butt, but Eddie stopped him again! What was wrong again? was! 3/5 Emergency calls only Chapter 490 “Kenneth, although Lydia's test is a little embarrassing for you, you can’t murder my son!” Even adults couldn't stand the hot water, let alone children! This was the hottest water when the heater was turned on to the maximum! “Don’t you want hot water?” Kenneth was a little confused. It was hot water! “This is hot water. But for children, it will burn their skin red.” Eddie went to fetch the water for the safety of his son.

Kenneth was a little embarrassed. However, no one reminded him just now.

51% 14:52 Kenneth knew how to dress Nelson. He helped Nelson put on clothes before, so this part was over soon.

Declan complained while watching. “Kenneth, you really suck. You can’t even take care of a child!” “If you can do it, go ahead!” “I'm not the one who gets married today. Why should | do that?” Declan immediately retorted without mercy! Kenneth thought it shouldn't be difficult to make the milk. Children must drink hot milk, right? So he fetched 176°F hot water...

On second thought, it seemed inappropriate. The water was too hot, and Nelson probably couldn't drink it.

“Kenneth, put the water down!” Eddie was scared out of his wits by Kenneth. “We have 104°F water there, Put this down.” If anyone drank such hot water, even adults would get scalded and blistered!

“First pour 250 ml of 104°F water, then there is a PARA ipghe-naik 1 Peiede0 Yo th € 7 spoons and pour them into the bottle and shake well,” Eddie said.

It didn’t seem difficult for Kenneth to do so.

Seeing that Kenneth did a good job, Eddie reminded him again, “Put one drop on the back of your hand and feel 4/5 Emergency calls only Chapter 490 the temperature. Then you can give it to Nelson.” After such a long time, Nelson finally could have the milk. It was really not easy.

Lydia watched the whole process. It was so funny.

051% 14:52

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