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Hell's Handbook

Hell's Handbook

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    Summary Su Jin, an ordinary poor young man from theuntryside working overtime every day make ends meet in the city support his family, finds himself in the possession of a book only known as Hell’s Handbook. The Handbook universe initially seems like a video game as it proceeds throw him i a different world every month, each world filled with supernatural beings, mythical creatures and deities, and even includes amplete point system along with weapons and special skills. Surviving these challenges is not easy, but itmes with great rewards. But he soon realizes that all of this is real. The monetary rewards and magical items he receives from Hell’s Handbook can be used in the real world, but in the same way, every person who dies during a challenge dies in the real worldo. As Su Jin desperately tries survive each challenge he is thrown i, he slowly starts uver the truth behind Hell’s Handbook. Who is behind Hell’s Handbook and its horror filled challenges? Each challenge reveals a new truth about the world Su Jin lives in, bringing new people i his life even as the world around him bmes harder and harder trust, and perhaps, even a greater mission in life…You’re reading “Hell's Handbook” on See all Hide