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From A Prisoner To A Big Short’s Inheritor

From A Prisoner To A Big Short’s Inheritor
215 Chapters
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From A Prisoner To A Big Short’s Inheritor

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    Read From A Prisoner To A Big Short’s Inheritor by Yves Jimmy. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereFrom A Prisoner To A Big Short’s Inheritor by Yves Jimmy full chapter at . Genre: Revenge The story is about a man named Leonard Santos who is being released from prison. He decides to leave the prison at noon, hoping that the timing might bring him better luck in the future. As he prepares to leave, other prisoners greet him. Leonard gives some orders to the guards regarding another inmate, Wolfwood. As Leonard and the guards exit the prison, they encounter a young woman in a military uniform with the rank of a general. Leonard recognizes her as his high school classmate, Arlene Wilson, who had been mysterious and had exceptional fighting skills. She had disappeared after graduation, and Leonard is surprised to meet her in the prison. Arlene and Leonard catch up briefly, with Arlene expressing sympathy for Leonard's three years of imprisonment. She gives him her phone number and offers to help if he needs it. She mentions that the outside world has changed a lot. Arlene then leaves to attend to her official duties. Arlene shares Leonard's story with her colleagues, explaining that he had been imprisoned for defending his girlfriend against harassment from a wealthy man. His girlfriend later married the man he had injured, and Leonard's promising future was derailed by his prison sentence. Arlene and her colleagues have mixed feelings about Leonard's situation. After changing into civilian clothes and bidding farewell to the guards, Leonard walks out of the prison gate.... Read From A Prisoner To A Big Short’s Inheritor