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Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos-Novel

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos-Novel
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Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos-Novel

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    Summary Vahn was an atypical youth. Due a rare mutation, his blood had the potential target and attack ailments within the human body.uted as a universal cure, people had elevated his status above the norm and given him the classification "Panacea". In the media, he was hailed as a great hero who would usher in a new era or human wellness. However, behind the scenes things weren’t so bright. Being a unique individual, Vahn spent his entire youth locked up in a lab with various scientists and research teams using his body and blood perform endless amounts of experiments. The only solace in his suffering was the various anime and manga made available him between experiments. He often imagined himself as the protagonist in a world of his own, finally inntrol of his own destiny. For years he nurtured this desire, until at the age of 14 he died when an organization had tried kidnap him from the lab... "Finally, I don’t have suffer anymore..." This was Vahn’s last thought as he faded i the endless black abyss... "You poor soul."You’re reading “Endless Path : Infinitesmos” on See all Hide

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