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Dear Ex-wife Marry Me by Twin Bridge

Dear Ex-wife Marry Me by Twin Bridge
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Dear Ex-wife Marry Me by Twin Bridge

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    Read Dear Ex-wife Marry Me by Twin Bridge by Twin Bridge. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereDear Ex-wife Marry Me by Twin Bridge full chapter at . Artist: Maja & Raymond... Genre: Romance the story revolves around several characters, primarily Maja and her family. Maja visits her sister, Tricia, in the hospital, who has been unwell since childhood. Maja buys Tricia a milkshake and intends to feed her when Cristina, their mother, arrives and takes the milkshake away, accusing Maja of trying to harm Tricia. Cristina scolds Maja for not helping their family and reminds her that she is married to a man named Ian Tan, who has returned to the country and can potentially help their family. Maja defends herself, and Tricia asks for medicine. Later, Maja goes to the gynecology department to treat a tear in her wound, and the doctor suggests reporting the issue to the police. Maja explains that it was her husband, Ian, who caused the injury. Afterward, she bumps into Glenn, Tricia's brother, who notices the medicine and asks if she's feeling unwell. The passage hints at strained family relationships, especially between Maja and Cristina, and suggests a troubling incident involving Maja's husband, Ian. Read Dear Ex-wife Marry Me .

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