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A Stolen Kiss From THE CEO!

A Stolen Kiss From THE CEO!
312 Chapters
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A Stolen Kiss From THE CEO!

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    Summary WARNING [MATURENTENT]Ella clenched her chest and tried scream but an invisible hand was placed over her mouth.The nurse brought out a sharp and pointy knife. “Let’s carve out that dead baby, shall we?” Sheok off her veil only reveal Chloe’s face.“Chloe!” She said inaudibly as she thrashed and wrestled save herself and her baby.“No!”“No!”…After five years of hard work,mmitment, and devotion the fashionmpany she worked for, Twenty-four years old Ariella, ‘Ella’, was more angry than devastated when she didn’t get promoted creative direr, a position she not only qualified for, but one she deserved.While she is trying figure out her next move, Ariella finds herself entangled in antract marriage arrangement with Leon Treshvier– The very bossy, arrogant, and playboy billionaire CEO of a rival fashionmpany.Will Ariella be able tame her playboy husband? Will she be able keep up with the demands of theirntract and achieve her sole purpose of creating a niche for herself in the fashion world? You’re reading “A len Kiss From THE CEO!” on See all Hide