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The Untouchable Ex Wife by Mizuki Sei

Chapter 1726
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Chapter 1726 Renee's eyes recovered gradually, and her initial dislike of the eyes gradually ebbed away. After a while, she grew to like them. Her features and fair skin indicated her Aeos origins, and the blue eyes from Varangia complemented them in a unique and harmonious way. Renee held her face and said to her reflection calmly, "Congratulations on your rebirth, Renee..." However, despite everything, she couldn't stop thinking about Stefan.

She wondered about how he was, and how he would react when he saw the new her. She wanted to go back to Everheart Manor.

Jovan's visits to the hospital had also reduced because Hunt Enterprise was in turmoil after rumors of Stefan's death had spread. It was a golden opportunity for ambitious people like Jovan, so he was too busy to spend time with her.

"It looks like you like your eyes very much!" A sarcastic voice came from the door.

Renee looked over and saw Briar wearing a mask. "What are you doing here?" Renee demanded coldly.

"How could you talk to me like that? | helped you, you know." Briar slowly walked into the ward and closed the door, smirking. "Didn't Jovan tell you that | was the one who found those eyes for you?" "Yes, he told me." "Then why haven't you thanked me?" "Hmph! Thank you?" Renee stood up, her pale blue eyes like chips of ice as she glared at Briar. "Do you really deserve it? You should be thanking me instead.’

Briar's eyes widened in outrage. "How dare you..." She hadn't expected Renee to be so bold even after everything she had been through. B Briar gritted her teeth and scoffed, "Don't flatter yourself. Why should | thank-you?" "Why?" Renee's.beautiful blue eyes were mystedousand Sloof, nyakingNeFlook like an untouchable goddess. "If it weren't for me, you wouldn't even have been able to show your face in public again. You wouldn't have been able to enter Hunt Enterprise, let alone join the board of directors. | don't expect gratitude from you, but | won't make you suffer as long as you behave and not make trouble in Hunt Enterprise.

If | find out that you have any ulterior motives, | won't go easy on you. After all, you already know that I'm capable of murder!" Renee warned Briar fiercely. Although she wouldn't kill Briar, she had to keep Briar in line given the chaotic situation in Hunt Enterprise, and also the fact that Stefan was missing. The content is on english.net! Read the latest chapter there!

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