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The Duke's Passion

The Duke's Passion
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The Duke's Passion

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    Summary In the Heart’s Kingdom, a kingdom where vampires reign and humans were nothing but liveck, Lilou, a peasant, found herself being preyed upon by the worst maniacal vampire of his kind. However, as terrifying as what he addressed her as his ‘reserved meal’, this vampire also called her his bride!Except:My eyes brood with fear, gazing at the still-beating heart in his hand. “My Lord, pardon me but… is this the bloody proof you promised show me?” I asked, my voice shook as I gulped down whilst struggling my trembling knees from giving away.“Mhm… do you now believe I’m good at capturing hearts?” The silver-haired man, bearing those menacing pair of deep crimson eyes stared proudly at me after a nod. I gasped when he clenched his hand and squeezed the fresh heart smithereen.“Yes, milord. You’re good at it, literally.” I’m mortified, watching the pieces of the heart fall as he approached. His every step made me take a step back until my back reached a solid pillar.“Huh,” Samael chuckled briefly, pping in front of me. His long, pointy nails that werevered with blood traced my elbow down my hand. Gently, he clipped my forefinger in between his, guiding it before his lips. “Did I pass your test, though?” He asked, the sharp tip of his nail played over the tip of my finger.I stared at his penetrating gaze as I reluctantly answered, “Barely.”He smirked, nodding in satisfaction before he pressed his nail on the tip of my forefinger that was quick produce a drop of blood. “Such sweet aroma.” He whispered, placing my bleeding finger in his mouth and licked it with passion.His menacing gaze never left mine as hensumed a bit of my blood. “Does that mean you’re accepting my invitation?” Keeping my finger in between his fangs, Samael inquired.I bit my lower lip unsciously, my heart within my chest drummed as my back broke i sweats. “But… I’m just…” I paused, hoping my answer would put an end this. “… I’m just a human.”Samael clicked hisngue, displeased at my response as he let my finger go. “No,” He whispered.My entire body stiffened when he bent over, caressing my shoulder up my neck by the apex of his nose, as his hot breaths prickled my skin.“You're not just a mere human... you are my human.” He stressed before I sensed his lips part and the tip of his fangs against my skin.You’re reading “The Duke's Passion” on See all Hide

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