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Taken By The Mafia Lord

Taken By The Mafia Lord
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Taken By The Mafia Lord

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    Summary Nemesis!If Arianna had known that irritating man would change her life in the worst way possible, perhaps she would have poisoned hisffee the first day they met. Arianna who was tricked and about be married off a Loan shark by her uncle’s family, finally found a way escape. However, that was all ruined when Marcel, the feared lord of the underworld captured her. The one thing she desired the most – her freedom – was taken from her.Marcel prided on the fact that he was well feared, respected, and revered in the city. His name caved terror in the hearts of people, however, his reputation is put test when a familiar stranger relieved him of his property right under his nose. Anger simmers in his veins as he goes on a manhunt against the pickpocket who robbed him.When he gets Arianna, Marcel is sure show her that nobody steals from Marcel Luciano and goes t-free. On the other hand, Arianna loathes him so much and would do everything escape that crazy Mafia. Unfortunately, what if she ends up stealing his heart as well. Read find out.~~~~~“You’re a monster, Marcel,”“Don’t monsters deserve be lovedo?”*Note – this book has strong sexual themes, strong language, violence, and gore. It would leave you on the edge and get you screaming for more. So if you can’t handle the burn, drop it without abusing me in themment box (I won’t take it lightly if it does happen). If you can handle the burn, then weme the Mafia world!..... You’re reading “Taken By The Mafia Lord” on See all Hide

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