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Simplified Beast Evolution Path

Simplified Beast Evolution Path
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Simplified Beast Evolution Path

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    Summary In a parallel world where everyone was a Beastmaster, people would tame, train, and evolve their beasts. The Federal Government would give everyone their own beast egg at theirming-of-age ceremony. However, evolve and grow the beast, they would need potions, gems, and other rare ingredients. Fortunately for Su Bai, he had awakened the Divine-grade Simplification System. With the system, growing a beast was as easy as ituld get. “Lightning Rat detected. The evolution path has been simplified. Plugged in. Evolution points +1, +1, +1…”“Bubble Turtle detected. The evolution path has been simplified. Shower. Evolution points +1, +1, +1…” “Flame Cat detected. The evolution path has been simplified. Sunbath. Evolution points +1, +1, +1…” A few years later, Su Bai, the Divine Beastmaster accepted an interview. “Mr. Su, can you tell us how you achieved your success?” “I spend my time growing my beasts when other people are showering or sunbathing.” You’re reading “Simplified Beast Evolution Path” on See all Hide