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Pursuing my ex wife isnt easy

Pursuing my ex wife isnt easy
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Pursuing my ex wife isnt easy

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    Read Pursuing my ex wife isnt easy by Inked Snow. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereSix years ago, she was framed by her wicked sister and was abandoned by her then-husband while she was pregnant. Six years later, she started anew with a different identity. Oddly, the same man who abandoned her in the past had not stopped pestering her at her front door.  --- Perhaps, if Joshua pretended to be affectionate and deeply in love in front of outsiders, it would make him feel better about his conscience? “I don’t quite understand.“ Luna sneered. “If Mrs. Lynch was so important to you, why did you want to marry Aura? Just because she is your wife’s younger sister?“ Joshua shook his head. “Because she left me a will. She asked me to take good care of Aura, best if I could marry her and take care of her for the rest of her life. So, I got engaged with Aura. It was indeed easier for me to take care of her that way.“ Luna smiled. “Just because you needed to take care of her, you made her your fiancée?“ Joshua furrowed his brows and looked at her. “After my wife died, Aura and I had no whatsoever relationship anymore. To let her be my fiancée and announce it to the public was the best way to take care of her.“ “I beg to differ.“ Luna stood up and looked at Joshua coldly. “First, I don’t think a normal woman would openly request for her husband to marry her younger sister. “Also, I don’t think being a fiancée would ensure whatever protection. If you truly wanted to protect Aura, she could be your sister or a friend. You could even publicly announce that she is your wife’s sister. Now that your wife has passed away, you have to take care of her. Would anyone object to that?“ Joshua looked at Luna with his deep, endless eyes, saying nothing. Luna took a deep breath. “So, why are you finding an excuse for yourself, Mr. Lynch? You purely want to marry Aura. Don’t blame it on your ex-wife. She should not be the one bearing the responsibility.“

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