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Lord Summoner's Freedom Philosophy: Grimoire of Love

Lord Summoner's Freedom Philosophy: Grimoire of Love
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Lord Summoner's Freedom Philosophy: Grimoire of Love

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    Summary One of the rarest type of magician exist in the world. Who would able underestimate summoning and ordering a mighty pheonix, or summoning an invincible dragon? Ofurse, none master the path of summoning, only those born with an innate talent and strive learn the path of summoning magic might be capable of achieving and master the powerful magic.But not for Lyan Arcanium Evocre. After succeeding defeating his lifetime quest of saving the human world by offering his life, the great incubus's wish of living freely got granted and he wakes up at a parallel world with 8 powerful spiritsntracted with him and a summoning grimoire.[The gods have granted you the Grimoire of Summoning: Creatures of Love][You're capable of obtaining the summonable monsters by having affectionate inteurse with your romantic interests][The Grimoire is chosen innsideration of the host's former occupation as an incubus]“Inteurse!?”But not only the grimoire, The other problem is...-You are?-Whoa... What with this weakling?-It seems that you're my master, nice meet you-So you're the forementioned servant, huh!?-B-Big bro! Y-You're the summoner!-........-Boy, you look delicious-Um... Where exactly are we?“How should I know!? And why the hell should I sleep with women in order get my summonable monsters!?!?”Follow the summoner Lyan as hellect monsters, get dragged i different kinds of war, became the greatest feudal lord, battling the goblin king, facing the dragon tribe, and opposing the evil god followers!One of the King of Kings Series You’re reading “Lord Summoner's Freedom Philosophy: Grimoire of Love” on See all Hide

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