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Everyone Wants to Pamper the Bigshot Researcher After Her Rebirth!

Everyone Wants to Pamper the Bigshot Researcher After Her Rebirth!
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Everyone Wants to Pamper the Bigshot Researcher After Her Rebirth!

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    Summary Song Fan had been reborn and became the Song family’s heir.No one knew that the real Miss Song had died a long time ago, and the one in her body now was a senior researcher from another world.Because of a failed experiment, she was reborn i the body of the Song family’s heiress.Seven years ago, Miss Song was falsely accused of poisoning her own brother, resulting in their mother’s death in a car accident on her way the hospital.Her father was furious and abandoned her in theuntryside for her fend for herself. Because no oneok care of her, the original Miss Song died.Recently, the Song family suddenly decided they wanted Song Fan back.Everyone mocked the “true heiress” who had returned from theuntryside, and they waited eagerly see her make a fool of herself everyone, the Song family’s true heiress was their snd daughter, whereas Song Fan was just a malicious and ugly duckling.However, reality was stranger than fiction!Song Fan actually became a lady of the family whom her brothers pampered endlessly!The internet laughed at how blind her brothers were and called Song Fan a worthless scum.A renowned scientist suddenly popped up and said, “Who are the truly blind ones here? Miss Song is my senior!”A business magnate: “That’s my boss! Who called her worthless?!”Ap-level boxer: “Hey, you’re tired of living, aren’t you? Who called my master worthless?!”Everyone: “We’re the blind ones! Miss Song is unquestionably a bigshot!”A certainp-notch bigshotuldn’t sit still anymore andok the initiative protect his wife.“I heard someone was bullying my wife.”Everyone sucked in a breath ofld air.“N-no! Ofurse not! Howuld we bully the young mistress of the wealthiest family around…!” ……………………………………………………………You’re reading “Everyone Wants Pamper the Bigshot Researcher After Her Rebirth!” on See all Hide