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Class Teacher System

Class Teacher System
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Class Teacher System

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    Summary Ren Zhu: Quiet! Quiet! Look at the blackboard! I’m going start teaching! Bear child 1 [1]: Hahaha! Who is this weak chicken! Bear child 2: May as well dance than listen class. Why start the class! Fake good child: Sit upright. Ren Zhu: …… Bear child 1: You received the class teacher’s quiet gaze x 1. Physical strength -500. Entered the weak state! Bear child 2: You received the class teacher’s deep gaze x 1. Intelligence -50. Entered the dumb state! Fake good child: You received the class teacher’s gratified gaze x 1. Intelligence and physical strength +50. Entered the excited state. Ren Zhu: My goal is teach and educate people, and bring love every bear child. Thank you. [1] 熊孩子 – literally translates ‘bear child’. The term is used address mischievous children.You’re reading “Class Teacher System” on See all Hide

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