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Arranged marriage to the princess of the Red Scorpions

Arranged marriage to the princess of the Red Scorpions
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Arranged marriage to the princess of the Red Scorpions

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    Summary NOTE:ver art is ammission done by Rirez a fellow author on here and amazing artist. If you like his work, don’t hesitate reach out him with a request for ammission of your own Samuel Foster would be turning 18 in two weeks. He grew up in a fairly normal low case family home with his parents and two younger siblings. The thing out of the ordinary was he knew for as long as heuld remember he would be getting married at 18 a girl he never had met before due a promise his family had made. Lena Scarlet, Princess Scarlet was feared by many, respected and loved by everyone near her. Deadly as she was calm, her one annoyance in life was the arranged married he father decided upon before she was born. Being fiercely independent and trained protect herself, she never felt the need for a relationship or marriage as she fully capable of taking care of all her needs. However, a promise was a promise and whether either of them liked it or not, their parents were at least going force them livegether before calling the wedding off. Please give the book a chance. I’m not the greatest of synopsis writers, as I am sure some of you can tell and the book may be slow at first due the setup and lead in. But I promise it will getting more interesting as it goes along. Scene excerpt from the ry: “You didn’t happen think it was important tell before now?! The princess was furious with the other woman. “I..” She paused for a snd swallow, “I never thought that it wouldme down this. I promise though that they wouldn’t do anything terrible.” “They said the same thing my father.. but they were wrong. I don’t trust anyone’s word.” The princess replied standing up. The more her anger rose, the darker her eyes got. “You should just be fortunate that I am not my father. Do you know what he did when faced with a similar situation?” with no reply, shentinued “He killed almost all of them. Youuld say it was a massacre. Me, I won’t got that far, but if anything happens him, I will personally kill the person whouches him.” You’re reading “Arranged marriage the princess of the Red rpions” on See all Hide